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SON SHINE 896: 504

SON SHINE 896: 504


SON SHINE 896: 504

Allow God to help you. Explore son-shine.net, http://www.facebook.com/sonshinelife,  http://www.twitter.com/sonshine_life, http://www.instagram.com/sonshine_life

It sparkled with the warmth of its doting owner, for whom a maintenance routine had become the legend of neighbourhood tattle. Time did not rob the precious machine of the lavish attention, as it took hours each time, to ensure that even the recesses of the inner wheel, had no dirt. Whenever it rained, he parked the car at home, just to ensure that the splashes were kept away. Years later, the car and its owner only existed as memories.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” –  Matthew 24: 35 (New King James Bible)    

The insignificance of the what appears significant, comes with time

Let the Son shine in your heart daily.           

©By, Nosa Owens-Ibie

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