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Cushioning Cush (When Unlikely Candidates Soar)

Cushioning Cush (When Unlikely Candidates Soar)


He was born cursed!

Noah had done the perfect, the expected, the usual.

A father wallowing in self-inflicted disgrace required a scapegoat, and Ham offered his neck.

He ought to have known, that when a man attested by God to be “just” and “perfect in his generation” (Genesis 6: 9), slides in the course of a new project in productivity, the fall is unimaginable, often too costly to imagine.

And Ham learnt a lesson on when not to look, even at an obvious spectacle. There was no asking why he did it. But he did.

By the time he saw his brothers refusing to bite the bait by taking a peep, he couldn’t have known what a father roused from stupor was going to do.

And so, Canaan – the fourth son (Genesis 10: 6), gets hit, for the sin of a father.

Why it wasn’t the first, not the second, not even the third, would never be known, but that is the stuff of collateral damage.

Man can be unpredictable, but God would always be God; He remains sovereign, and can choose to bless the cursed!

Look at Chapter 10: the descendants of blessed Japhet gets four verses, Shem – 11, and Ham – 15!

Imagine cursed Canaan, becoming the origin of the destination of choice, a land of milk and honey.

Remember the Jebusite, Amorite, Girgasite, Hivite, Arkite… They came from the loins of Canaan. Verse 18 told of the families of the Canaanites spreading beyond borders.

And Cush?

He was the first from the household of Ham, and he begat the one that shook the world:


The mighty, the heroic, the warrior.

His kingdom started from Babel, where man, bubbling with plans and buoyed by fertile imagination, had to be stopped.

Nimrod was worth more than a thousand children.

Why would a generational blessing come from uncertain foundations?

It is one of the secret things (Deuteronomy 29: 29).

Feeling hopeless, battered, abandoned?

Ham, Cush … had reasons to be.

A curse is not the end of the story.

There is divine intervention; you also have a part to play

Don’t give up! (Mark 10: 27)


By, Nosa Owens-Ibie

January 17, 2021

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